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Converting Word Documents to pdf Formats Easily

If you have created a document in MS Word but want to change it into the popular PDF format so that it can be read easily without changes being made, then File Converter Online is a convenient and quick service to use. Simply upload your Word file and convert it without the need to go through any lengthy registration procedure. What’s more, our reliable doc to PDF service is completely free!

Why Convert doc to PDF?

Word is a great editing tool which allows tables, pictures and charts to all be used in conjunction with any text you have written. When sending Word documents around in an electronic format, perhaps by email or uploading them to a sharing website, they can be easily altered by others. To prevent unwanted changes being made, many people choose to convert their sales documents, business agreements, party invitations and meeting notes into PDFs. This means that everybody who receives a copy knows they are looking at the same document as the original. It also means that people who don’t use Windows Office suite of programmes can read the file without any hassle.

Doc and PDF Files Compared

Files created in Microsoft’s Word processor are usually saved as .doc files whereas .pdf files are generally created by users of Adobe. PDF is a format that is favoured by graphic designers and printers because of its high visual quality. Doc files, on the other hand, are ideal for when you need to produce a text-based file which can be shared and manipulated by others, perhaps collaboratively. Each has certain advantages and disadvantages depending on what you are trying to achieve so the ability to convert from doc to PDF means you continue to have complete control over your work no matter what the situation might be.

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Guide: Convert DOC to PDF online

How to convert DOC files online to PDF
  1. Choose input DOC file
  2. Check target filetype and change if required (PDF)
  3. Hit the "Start Converting!" Button
  4. That's it! Your download will start automatically on the following page

Information about the extensions for the conversion from DOC to PDF

From: DOC

Historically, DOC was a proprietary document file format used by Microsoft Word, the word processor program included with Microsoft Office. Indeed, it was the default file format used by Microsoft Word 97-2003. A DOC file can contain formatted text, …

File extension: .doc
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Created by Adobe software including Acrobat, Capture, Design or other open-source printing shareware, Portable Document Format (PDF) files simplify portability. Designed to include all the captured printed elements of their source, PDF-files can be v …

File extension: .pdf
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Video-Tutorial: DOC to PDF is a service for converting files online from one type to another. We take care of your privacy and take care of your files. As a part of this, there's no registration required on As we're offering our service in a browser, it does'nt matter whether you use Windows, Apple OS X or Linux. Your conversion results will always be at the same, very high quality and of course, without watermarks.

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